• 2016.02 An Article on Band Journal 2016 February(Jp)

  • 19.05.2015 Concert Review on 'Badische Zeitung' South West Germany
    from the Trombone & Organ concert, 9th March. 2015 Stuehlingen

  • 10.04.2015 Mayumi's Recital on Radio(NHK-FM 'best of classic')
    form the Recital 31.Jan. at Philia Hall

  • 30.03.2015 Mayumi's Trombone Recital on TV (NHK BS 'Classic Club')
    form the Recital 31.Jan. at Philia Hall

  • 22.01.2015 Concert Review on 'Badische Zeitung' South West Germany
    from the Trombone & Piano Recital, 17th Jan. 2015 Endingen

  • 20.12.2014 'A song for Japan' at the final concert from the Lätzsch Trombone Festival 2014
    Mayumi and Brandt's soli on 1:50!

  • 25. June 2014
    Video Clip about Lätzsch Trombone Festival is opened to the public.

  • 11.May 2014
    Cologne Philharmonie
    Final Concert at the ‘Acht Brücken Festival 2014'
    F.X.Roth / SWR Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden und Freiburg
    P.Boulez, C.Debussy, G. Ligeti
    from arte

  • 8. February Berlin Philharmonie
    H.Blomstedt / Berliner Philharmoniker
    H.Berlioz / Symphonie fantastique, P.Hindemith / Mathis der Maler
    from Digital Concert Hall

  • 23. July 2013
    Review about the concert with Organ on 16. June 2013 at the ‘Badische Zeitung’

  • 27. April 2013
    Interview at the ‘Badische Zeitung'

  • 9. November 2012
    Review about the concert of SWR Sinfonieorchester at ‘Bachtrack’

    There was outstanding individual playing across the board. Principal horn Peter Bromig displayed effortless control of the high F natural which floats ominously over the shadowy underworld of the introduction, and Mayumi Shimizu scaled the exposed virtuosic heights of Berg’s trombone writing with aplomb

  • 9.September 2012
    on the TV ‘LaLaLa♪Classic’ of NHK

  • 30. October 2010
    A.Pryer : Blue bells of Schottland
    TMK St.Georgen/Klaus festival concert 2010

  • 12. September 2010
    Interview of Seiji Ozawa at New York Times

    Brahms’s First figured in the orchestra’s inaugural program in 1984, and Mr. Ozawa has always liked to perform Brahms symphonies with this orchestra, he said in an interview, because of the special qualities of the string playing. The development of wind playing in Japan has lagged behind the strings, Mr. Ozawa added, though he singled out one orchestra member, the young second trombonist, Mayumi Shimizu, as holding particular promise. Ms. Shimizu is already principal trombonist of the Bruckner Orchestra Linz in Austria.

  • 24. May 2009
    Berlin Philharmonie
    C. Abbado / Berliner Philharmoniker
    F.Schubert, G. Mahler, C.Debussy / La Mer 
    from Digital Concert Hall

  • 17. May 2009
    Berlin Philharmonie
    S. Ozawa / Berliner Philharmoniker
    F. Mendelssohn / Elias
    from Digital Concert Hall

  • 25. April 2009
    Berlin Philharmonie
    P. Eötvös / Berliner Philharmoniker
    J.S.Bach, R.Wagner, B.A.Zimmermann
    from Digital Concert Hall

  • 19. April 2009
    Berlin Philharmonie
    A.Gilbert / Berliner Philharmoniker
    A. Dvorak, B.Martinu
    from Digital Concert Hall

  • 13. February 2009
    Berlin Philharmonie
    S.Rattle / Berliner Philharmoniker
    R.Schumann, B.A. Zimmermann
    from Digital Concert Hall

  • 11. January 2009
    Berlin Philharmonie
    Z.Meht / Berliner Philharmoniker
    R. Strauss / Symphonia Domestica
    from YouTube

  • 8. February 2009
    Berlin Philharmonie
    S.Rattle / Berliner Philharmoniker
    R.Schumann / Das Paradies und die Peri
    from Digital Concert Hall